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Saturday, April 28th 2012

4:46 PM

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Related article: Date: Wed, 24 Jul 2002 15:14:21 +0100 (BST) From: Steve Rose Subject: Conference PaperDISCLAIMER:This is a story. None of the characters in the story exist and the events that 7year old lolitapussy pics take place are purely imaginary. WARNING o not read this story if you are in any way offended by acts of a homosexual nature.Do not read this if you are under the legal age for accessing adult sites.Always indulge in safe sex.TAKING A CHANCE AT THE CONFERENCEMy name is Mike Burrows and I am not very athletic but I do like to go swimming most days in an effort to keep myself fit. I am quite small only 5'4" tall, with a reasonably handsome tgp bbs loli info face, brown hair, brown eyes and a winning smile. By profession I am a business consultant and am often asked to give papers at conferences. The story that I am about to tell happened recently when I was staying at a hotel for a conference. I had driven to the conference hotel the day before I presented my paper which was to be delivered at a breakfast time meeting. I had made good progress and arrived at the hotel rather earlier than I expected. I had noted in the hotel brochure that it advertised a fitness centre and swimming pool. My early arrival gave me plenty of time to get settled in and check out the swimming pool. I checked in at reception and after the usual formalities I enquired about the swimming pool. The receptionist looked slightly embarrassed as she explained that they were having problems with the heating system and that the swimming area was temporarily closed. I looked slightly disappointed at this news but was cheered up when the receptionist added that the loli incest top 100 management had entered into an arrangement with a nearby leisure centre for hotel guests to swim in its pool free of charge. The receptionist gave me a free pass for the leisure centre and also told me the quickest way to reach it. I thanked her and went up to my room to unpack and settle in. I had plenty of time before dinner so once I had unpacked my swimming gear I decided to head off to the swimming pool.As promised, the leisure centre was really very close to the hotel. Within a few minutes I had handed over my free swimming pass and received a free towel from the cashier and was walking into the changing rooms. The changing rooms were open plan with rows of benches down the centre of the room and lockers for clothes and valuables along the walls. I was slightly disappointed that the changing room was almost deserted: there was an elderly man who was already changed and preparing to go into the swimming pool area and two young lads - probably twelve or thirteen years old - standing at the far end of the changing area drying themselves. I proceeded to get changed into my speedos, removing all my clothes first and then stepping into the swimwear. As I pulled my speedos up my legs I noticed the younger of the two lads whisper something to the other one. The older lad glanced in my direction and then nodded his agreement to whatever his companion had said. By child super models lolitas now the older man had disappeared into the swimming area and I was almost ready to have my swim but decided that I needed to go to the toilets first and then have a quick rinse in the shower before taking the plunge. I walked down the changing room to the far end where the toilets were and as I passed the two lads I noticed that both boys' towel had slipped off his waist and exposed their uncut cocklets. I smiled at the lads but went on they were too young to interest me.After I had been to the toilet I had to recross the end of the changing area to get to the swimming pool. As I did so I saw the two pre-teens leaving the changing area, no doubt to go and get a drink or something to eat in the refreshment bar outside. I was about to enter the foot bath and shower when I noticed a newcomer enter the changing area. This was a lad of about 19, tall - well over six feet - brown hair, athletically built but with a pleasant face. I would have liked to stay but it would have made my interest too obvious and, in any case, he was obviously here for a swim so I would get a closer look soon enough! I entered the pool area and noted that it was almost deserted. The elderly man I had seen earlier was obviously with his grand children who were playing happily under his supervision at the shallow end of the pool. Apart from these three I was the only other swimmer present. I proceeded to the deep end and dived in and swam a couple of lengths before resting at the deep end. As I leaned back against the side I noticed the young man I had seen come into the changing room emerge onto the poolside. I was disappointed to note that he was wearing swimming shorts, which were quite large and obscured any possibility of a sly observation of his crotch area. I did however notice that he had strong well-toned legs and that he looked extremely attractive. I got a good view of him as he walked round the edge of the pool and jumped into the water less than a foot away from me. I was covered in spray and as he emerged back at the surface he could see me spluttering and coughing. The newcomer looked at me and gave me a warm and pleasant smile before saying,"Sorry. I didn't see you there. Are you OK?""Oh I'm fine", I replied, "Just par for the course I guess getting drowned in an empty swimming pool!"The young man swam off and, like me, swam the tow lengths and then rested for a few moments. By the time he returned I was ready for another length or two but I waited a second to see if the other guy was going to swim again. A moment later he began his second swim and I followed behind. He had already turned and was coming back up on his second length before I had reached the end of my first but, to his and my surprise, I slowly caught him up and with my last stroke reached the end wall first. The young man looked astonished as he said,"Amazing swim, mate. You caught me easily on the last length.""A bit of luck I think. Perhaps you slowed up a bit?" I replied."No you were just too good for me in that last half length. I haven't seen you around here before, are you new?""Yes I'm here for a conference, just a couple of days. I'm staying at the hotel up the road but their pool is closed so that's why I'm here. It's a funny time for a person like you to be here swimming, are you a student?""Yes, at the local uni. Pity you're only here for such a short time. I'm Tom by the way.""Yes it is a pity Tom but that's life. I'm Mike by the way."We looked down the pool and watched the old man supervise his grandchildren as they prepared to leave the pool. As they did so, Tom turned to me and said,"Fancy another race, Mike?""OK, but let's make it interesting. Let's race over four lengths and have a small bet on the outcome. If you win I take you to dinner at my hotel; if I win you buy me a drink at a local pub. OK?"Tom thought for a minute and then nodded his agreement. We both prepared and then with a "1, 2, 3 go" we set off. I made a good start and we were level as we turned the first time but gradually I pulled ahead and was leading by a small distance as we turned again. Going into the third length Tom was several feet behind me and I had to devise some way of ensuring that he won. As it happened I am not very good over more than a couple of lengths so by the time we turned for the last time I was tiring and Tom was beginning to close the gap. Halfway up the final length lolita girls modeling nude I could hear Tom close behind and I was struggling to retain an even stroke. In the last few metres Tom edged ahead and lolita nymphlets teen love to his surprise and delight touched first to win by a short distance."Great race', Tom gasped as he recovered his breath."Great finish", I replied, 'but I'm bushed now. I'll stay in the pool until you're ready to come out but I'm just going to float about and then I'll take you to dinner.""Food sounds great. I'm also ready to come out, so shall we get changed?"I nodded assent and we swam to the steps at the middle of the pool and I climbed out just behind Tom. As I got out of the pool I got my first close up look at Tom's beautiful legs but I resisted the overwhelming desire to run my hands up them and feel their fine toning. We went towards the showers to wash off the chlorine from our bodies and we stood close together under the flowing water. I watched as Tom undid the draw string inside his baggy swim wear and pulled them open so that the water could flow down inside. Unfortunately being small this did not give me much opportunity to get a look at what treasures lay hidden from view but hoped that a chance would arise when we were getting dressed. We stayed under the shower for a few minutes and by the time we emerged the changing area was completely empty.I went to my locker and Tom to his and we each retrieved our clothes and moved to a corner spot of the changing room. I sat on the bench pretending to be still worn out by my exertions in the swim race but in reality because it afforded me a great view of Tom's lower half. Tom remained standing and began to dry his legs one at a time placing them on the bench beside me. Almost without thinking Tom also began to lower his swim wear down off his hips, revealing an intriguing trail of brown pubic hair. I remained seated watching this activity out of the corner of my eye. Suddenly I realised that Tom had removed his swim shorts and was naked but his nearest leg obscured a full view. I could see a mound of brown pubic hair and the root of a thick cock shaft but the rest of his cock was obscured from view. Even that, along with the gorgeous legs, was enough to make my own dick start to harden a fact that I hoped Tom hadn't noticed. Then it happened, Tom swapped legs and I was able to admire for the first time a cock that was almost as long flaccid as mine was hard! It must have been 5" long and quite thick, covered in fine white skin and uncut but just showing the tip of his pink glans poking out of the end of his foreskin. Tom stood with his cock right level with my line of sight and I knew that I would have to have it before the night was out! But I still had to get dressed and so I decided that before my dick burst my speedos I had better get them off and cover my embarrassment with a towel as quickly as possible. I stood up and accidentally - honest - brushed against Tom as I did so. He seemed not to notice or not to be bothered and carried on unconcernedly drying his naked body. I slid my speedos off as quickly as I could and reached for my towel but I was not quick enough to stop Tom getting a good view of my half-hard cut dick.Tom said nothing about my semi-erection but as our eyes met I saw a look I recognised cross his face - he was as interested in lolita kids nude toplist me as I was in him. It was clear to both of us that we could do nothing about our unspoken mutual desire in the public changing room and how right we were! As I began to dry myself off and Tom put his clothes on, the changing room door opened and a fresh intake of early evening swimmers came into the room. child super models lolitas Tom was a quick dresser and he was finished almost before I had got my loli incest top 100 underwear on. Tom sat on the bench beside me and looked around as I completed getting dressed. I was as quick as I could and we left the changing room not long after the rowdy group of newcomers had begun to strip."Food, Tom?" I said to my companion and my question was responded to by a short nod.I led the way the way back to the hotel and collected my room key from reception. I looked up at tom and said,"Would you like to leave your bag in my room before we go for a drink and have dinner, Tom?"Tom could hardly control the look of excited pleasure that crossed his face as he replied,"Yes please, Mike."We went up in a crowded lift and after we arrived at my floor when only Tom and I got out, I led the way to my room and unlocked the door. I took Tom's bag and said,"Are you hungry yet or would you prefer to have a little something here in the room before we eat?""Not very hungry yet", Tom replied, "a little something here would be great. What do you have in mind?"As he spoke Tom ran his hand over the front of his tight jeans and looked me straight in the eye but also indicating that I should look at what he was doing. I stepped closer and I heard Tom sigh audibly as I approached and said,"What do you want to do?"Tom read my thoughts exactly and moved his hands to touch my crotch. Feeling the hardening shaft of my prick through my clothing Tom smiled even more broadly as he unzipped my trousers and moved his large hands to feel inside. I stopped him for a second and said,"Just a second. I think we ought to draw the curtains and make sure the room is locked before we go any further."Tom nodded and I quickly drew the curtains and he checked the door. Once certain we were secure and unobserved, we continued where we left off as Tom began pretten nude bikini lolitas to remove my trousers and began to feel his growing bulge through his tight jeans. It was clear that this was not the first time that Tom had been in a situation like this and he quickly gained access to my throbbing prick. I was slightly slower in getting to my prize but within a few moments we were both partially undressed and out two dicks were fully on display. We paused briefly to remove our remaining clothing and then we stood naked in front of each other. I hardly came up more than to Tom's shoulders as he towered over me by a good 12 inches. Tom's cock was in proportion to his body: hard it had grown to a full 8" lolitas toplist cp links whilst my prick was a mere 6". Undeterred by the size difference Tom began to massage the shaft of my prick lola no nude models as I began to play with his monster cock whose foreskin had rolled further back to reveal a plump pink head. I guided Tom towards the bed and he immediately understood and we lay down in the classic '69' position. I moved in closer to the monster head and licked it with my tongue, spreading pre-cum over the sensitive area and I felt Tom's mouth envelop my purple mushroom-shaped head in his moist lips. Soon we were working on each other like two sex starved people. I worked the rest of Tom's skin off the head and then nibbled down his shaft to his balls before beginning a slow journey back up the shaft and pulling the loose foreskin right over the head. I was wanking his cock with my free fresh teen lolita mouth while Tom was swallowing my prick into his throat using his tongue and lips to excite me. For a second Tom stopped sucking me and said,"Rim me and put your fingers up my hole, please Mike."Tom knelt up so that I could slide underneath him and get good access lolita russian child porn to his balls and arse. As I went by I slurped my tongue down his rampant shaft and covered his balls with my saliva and lola no nude models his pre-cum. Then my tongue ran along the underside of his body towards his arse, which I prised open with my fingers. Meanwhile Tom had resumed his oral attack on my rampant prick and was using all the tricks he knew to bring me to a state of ecstasy. I was humming and cooing as he used his skilful mouth on my prick and balls. I began to lick Tom's arse ring and pushed a tentative finger inside his hole, which opened easily so I knew that he was no virgin. My tongue probed where my finger had just been and I made contact with the tangy taste of his love channel. I could sense that this was getting to Tom and so I decided to bring him to his climax by finger fucking his hole as I sucked his cock. Tom realised what I was about but was too engrossed in his own action on my prick to protest. I slid my head back so that I was in position to take his throbbing cock into my mouth and began to work my tongue on his piss slit as my fingers teased his prostate. I was almost as excited as Tom and I knew that I would almost certainly cum as soon as he did. I began to thrust my hips off the bed to meet the downward thrusts of Tom's mouth and together we were a heaving mass of man sex writhing in unison on the bed. I sensed that Tom was nearly there and I increased my fingering of his hole and my sucking on his cock. Seconds later I was rewarded as the first of five enormous squirts of ball juice were emptied into my waiting mouth. The creamy hot taste of the horny teenager's lolita girls modeling nude jizz was enough to set me off and I unleashed an equally savage volley of spunk into Tom's mouth. It seemed like a long time but was probably less than a minute before the whole climactic conclusion came to an end and the two of us lay back on the bed fighting for breath. Not surprisingly Tom, who was somewhat younger than I am, was the first to recover."Oh God, Mike that was awesome. Thanks! I haven't cum that much in ages! Was it good for you too? I hope so and I hope we can have another round later!"I smiled up at Tom and said between still short breaths,"Absolutely amazing, Tom. You are a champion sucker and an equally amazing cummer! I wouldn't say no to a second round but I need a rest first, I'm not as young as you are. Shall we freshen up and go and have dinner. How late can you stay?""I've no specific time to be back I can stay as long as you like and the hotel doesn't find out!!"We both got in the shower and washed each other down and Tom was 7year old lolitapussy pics already sporting another hard on before we started to get dressed. However, I resisted the temptation to skip dinner and we spent a couple of hours eating and drinking and finding out a little bit more about each tgp bbs loli info other. We took out coffee and returned to my room so that Tom could retrieve his bag but really to finish what we had started. We got in the room and quickly locked the door. Again Tom lost no time in making his intention clear."This time I don't want just your fingers up my arse I want your prick up there and I want you to fuck the cum out of me this time", Tom said as he squeezed my hardening prick in his paw-like hands.We were soon undressed and Tom took charge again only this time he lay on his back on the bed with his beautiful smooth toned legs in the air."Make my hole nice and wet with your tongue and when I say I'm ready put your dick right up me", my young companion commanded.Naked, I knelt between his legs and used my tongue to moisten his hole as Tom sighed and moaned in pleasure. I could see Tom's massive cock stiff and throbbing just above me and from time to time he or I would give it a friendly squeeze. I had been licking and fingering Tom's hole for some time before he finally said that he was ready. I stood up and looked down at him as he looked up at my already hard prick glistening with pre cum. As I leaned towards him, Tom reached out and guided my prick towards the entrance to his love channel, only letting go when the tip reached the winking 7year old lolitapussy pics hole. Tom gave me a brief nod and I began to push my prick into him slowly but steadily. "Oh lola no nude models yes, Mike. That's it push it in slowly and steadily. I want to feel you inching up inside me", Tom crooned as I pushed deeper and deeper inside him."Oh Tom. It feels so good fucking you. Your hole is so warm and tight. You're gripping my shaft with your powerful muscles.""Deeper Mike, deeper. Get your dick right inside me up to the hilt", Tom called out encouraging me to shove every last bit on my prick inside him.Then I felt my thighs come into contact with Tom's buttocks and knew that I was as deep inside him as I could get. Tom knew it too and smiled warmly at me as he used his hips and arse muscles to adjust himself to my invasion. When we were both ready, I began slowly to move my prick back out of his hole until only the head was caught inside by his arse muscles. I waited a second and then pushed forward again slightly faster. This process went on as I gathered speed for my fucking penetrations of his arse and I could feel Tom straining his muscles to grip my shaft as I attempted to fuck in and out and also Tom began to push against the action of my prick inside him. Even though I had already had a huge orgasm only hours before I knew that it would not take long before I had another one. I could feel my prick teasing Tom's prostate as it stroked in and out of his hole. I looked down at Tom who was in a world of his own and completely relaxed except for the throbbing pink monster of a cock that was straining from his groin. The foreskin was rolled back off the head which was covered in a river of pre-cum that was sliding slowly down his shaft to his balls. I really wanted to try to wank him off but Tom had requested that I fuck the cum out of him and that was what I was determined to do. He looked almost ready but I decided to try to hold us both out a little longer so I slowed my thrusting down slightly but still retained a steady pounding action. When I judged that neither of us could really hold out much longer - I had begun to feel the tell-tale sensation in my groin that indicated my balls were ready - I started to go faster. Once the feeling had reached the point of no return I stopped thrusting and whispered that I was cumming. Tom instinctively clenched his muscles and gripped my prick hard as it began to throb and spray its creamy tribute of love deep inside him. As I was pumping inside him, Tom's prick twitched violently as a second enormous amount of ball cream erupted from his piss slit like a volcano. The force of his cumming was such that at least one jet hit me in the face. For the second time in the evening Tom and I had enjoyed a satisfying sexual encounter which had left us drained of energy.My prick began to soften and slowly slip out of the warm welcoming recess inside Tom's hole. I slumped quietly down beside Tom who looked as exhausted as I felt. He grinned at me and mouthed the word "Thanks" and I just had time to thank him briefly before we both drifted into a post-coital snooze. I was awakened by the telephone ringing and realised that Tom was still in the room and looking startled. I groggily answered the ring and found that it was a colleague from the conference calling to ask me for a drink. Tom and I realised that this was the end of our tryst and we quickly showered and dressed. Once again we showered together but this time there was some talk but little else."Thanks for a great evening. I'm really pissed off you live so far away and are only here for today and tomorrow. You have been a revelation! I've never been made to cum so much guestbook preteen loli kds twice in an evening and I reckon if we'd had the time I would have been up for a third!!", said Tom as he towelled himself down after his shower."No, Tom. It's me that should be thanking you. I don't often get the chance to have fun with young guys of your age. Without your enthusiasm and your good looks I'd probably would have ended up having a solitary wank in bed. You have a great body, a tight hole and a willing way. I'm so glad we met and I hope I can get back down here again before too long. If ever you are near where I am give me a call and I'll drop - and of course I mean everything - for you."When we were dressed we exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Before we left the room I gave Tom a hug and he put his arms around me too. We really had bonded even in this short time and I knew I would want to see him again really soon and I hoped he would want that too. Tom went off in one lift and I in another and as I walked towards the bar I saw him disappear through the revolving door of the hotel entrance. I walked into the bar, I saw my colleague and he ordered a drink for us both. As he handed me the drink he asked casually what the subject of my paper was. I could not resist a wry smile as I told him that I was going to be talking on the subject of "taking chances to get maximum rewards". It was just a pity that I could not illustrate my theme with the practical example that I had so recently experienced with Tom.THE ENDIf you like the story let me know. cutrose40yahoo.co.uk
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